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Why use essential oils in candles?

For me, it’s my preference. I’ve never used anything else,. It does hike the price up as essential oils are so much more expensive than synthetic perfumes. But I just love creating synergy blends of oils to make each candle a holistic aromatherapy experience. 

What is a synergy blend?

It’s the art of mixing essential oils together to make something even better than its sum parts.

Here’s an example, I’m not a fan of Ylang Ylang, but blend it with Patchouli and a bit of Sweet Orange, and it’s like some crazy magic has happened.

What wax do you use?

We only make natural wax candles. We use a combination of Rapeseed and Coconut for most candles, although we still use soy wax for Queen, Luna Chick, Sisterhood as it just works better with these blends of oils.

Are essential oil candles strong smelling?

Ours are. We use a high percentage of pure essential oils to make sure your room is fragrance filled.

Are your wicks zinc free?

Yes, I use a few different wicks. It takes a long time to get a burn I’m happy with, I test all my candles with several different wick manufacturers before I fine the right one for each candle. They are made from cotton, linen and paper combinations. Although they are dipped and coated in a teeny amount of paraffin wax to seal them. Wicks are the most important and the most technical part of candle making so using trusted manufacturers is of the utmost importance.

Why does my candle have tiny cracks across it ?

It’s all part of the charm and it won’t affect the candle in any way. Simply light your candle as usual and the cracks with disappear after the first burn. Plant based waxes have their own character, they don’t contain any additives so they can be sensitive to heat and low temperatures, especially when they are setting and the room temperature suddenly drops.

Why do you suggest trimming the wick?

Sometimes when you burn a candle, the wick can mushroom, or, as I like to call it ‘arms of joy’.

This is caused by a carbon build up. I test and test my candles to make sure this doesn’t happen but depending on the environment the candle is burned in, it will occasional occur. Here’s the fix, when the candle is absolutely cooled simply snap off the mushroom with your fingers and pop it in the bin. It will easily come away. Not trimming it and relighting will create excess heat in your candle and it will burn down much faster. So always trim your wicks. I like to trim off any excess before I light a candle, whether there is a mushroom or not.

How long can I leave a candle burning?

4 hours max is the recommended single burn time.

What is tunnelling?

You’ve bought yourself a gorgeous candle and it doesn’t burn right the way across and starts tunnelling down. Candle wax has a memory, I know, who knew? Which is why we suggest, on the first burn always burn your candle for 4 hours. I actually try and achieve a full melt pool on the 3rd burn, otherwise the tins can get too hot, So don’t worry if it doesn’t melt all the way across on the first burn, the wax will catch up when you are about half way down.

How much essential oil is in each candle?

Using essential oils in candles requires careful development and testing to make sure the candle burns well and smells incredible. We use either 8% or 10%. The amount will vary between blends, as some candles smell amazing and burn beautifully at 10% others are at their best with a smaller amount of oil. In each candle, there is more essential oils that you would get in a 10ml bottle of essential oil, that’s the size you’d buy in a shop. 

How soon will my order be despatched?

All orders are despatched within 2 working days. Orders are sent by Royal Mail, 2nd class.

If you want something super speedy, send us a message and we’ll see if we can help.

Are you a natural candle company?

Absolutely yes, we only use natural waxes, wicks and essential oils.

Do you sell natural Christmas candles?

Yes, these are limited editions and are available October to December.

Are your candles vegan?

We say our products are Vegan Friendly, this is purely because the label adhesive may not be consistently vegan and this is difficult to verify. Please be assured that all ingredients used, waxes, wicks and oils are entirely vegan certified and not tested on animals.

Product Labelling

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