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October 21 Welly Boots and Rick Astley

October 2021 

A seasonal blog where I discuss the big questions, what I’m listening to and making the best natural candles in the UK. 

It’s officially hibernating season, a solid 6 months of mostly night time, where, come mid February, I’ll feel like a sleepy and possibly slightly bloated pit pony. The time of year where I am compelled to cram all my daily tasks into daylight hours so I can happily hunker down for the long evening of darkness knowing I don’t have to leave the house. 

As i’m now fully accepting of this turning of the wheel, there is much to prepare. Thoughts of  pickling green beans often occur along with fantasising about a brand new pair of winceyette pyjamas, of course there is no time for pickling and the perfect PJ’s are mythical in the Autumn and best sought out in the January sales.

The big question on my mind currently is, are Wellington boots a contender for the best invention ever? 

They are just brilliant. Joyful, foot shaped rubbery things of wonder that don’t make your feet wet. Making the limited daylight hours joyful, carefree and come with a feeling that anything is possible. A fact proved when you are wearing inappropriate footwear and wished you’d put your wellies on. So simple. I rarely leave the house without them.

In actual Flaming Groovy news. 

Earth Mumma, my newest candle is ready and live on the website. She’s a beaut. I really wanted to incorporate the essential oil Elemi into a candle, it’s so unusual and comforting, citrusy with a peppery kick. 

The word Elemi literally translates as ‘heaven and earth’ and gives us an indication of its sacred use to assist transition to other realms. 

In this realm, Elemi is useful when a big life change is happening, allowing you to surrender to the new. Let go of things that no longer serve you, let go of old stuff so you can start something new……….let that shit go. 

Move forwards, surrender.

Christmas candle making is in full swing, I’ve upped my candle making game.

I’ve been keen to source some eco packaging tapes and gift bags so I can confidently now say that my parcels are completely recycle-able, other than the gift wrapped frou frous, but I’m sure you all upcycle these, they definitely don’t get binned, right?

Pleasant musical surprises this month include Rick Astley doing Smiths covers with Blossoms, WTAF. YouTube that immediately please. And the awesome Self Esteem’s How Can I Help You single, 2.22 minutes of thundering pop which is off the scale great.

And that’s it for October.

Over and out.