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Autumn 21 - The Orange Cardigan and My Song of Summer Big Reveal Edition


We are now deep in to September and i’ll be honest, the beginning of this month flattens me.

It’s the sadness that another summer is ending, the gut wrenching ache that I feel when my kids start a new year a school, it kinda marks a definite end of another measurable piece of their lives with a whiff of something new that I’m never quite ready for. Ya’know?

All of that coupled with the mornings beginning to feel a darker and a bit misty and crispy, this time of year is a lot.

However, 2 weeks in and I’m now fully invested in the Autumnness galloping towards me. My, it only feels right to wear it in September, rusty orange cardi is on, I’m one bramble crumble down and I’m dreaming of stodgy dinners and hibernation. Bonus points for being a dog owner in Autumn.

Christmas candle prep is officially underway. I absolutely refuse to start the process while the sun is still shining, of course I will regret this decision in about another 2 weeks.

The rigorous testing and retesting of my Hygge and Wonderland Christmas blends is in full swing and the best news is that I still love them and they smell incredible, so they’ll definitely be back for this festive season.

Something new is coming too, a new and delicious candle I’ve been developing all year and hoping will be ready to launch in the next few weeks.

I’m still working of switching all my candles over to a Rapeseed and Coconut wax, and this process is still ongoing. The new wax is so much harder to work with and it brings it’s own tantrums and personality BUT its eco credentials are the best available in candle making so I’m persevering while repeating the mantra ‘this will be worthwhile, everything will be ok’ loud and often.

My mission and USP is to make the best all natural plant based candles available in the UK.

So just in case you didn’t know, I only use pure essential oils in my candles, and I use the maximum oil I am able to. Between 8% and 10% of each candle is essential oils. This creates a highly fragranced candle that is naturally scented without using any synthetic or artificial ingredients. Completely plant based, 100% natural and absolutely lush.

And if your still not sure about Flaming Groovy, check out my fabulous reviews.

And on a completely unrelated but an important annual event in our house, I couldn’t decide what my song of the summer was, so I’ve got 2   - Check them out before the summer sun sets on 2021. You are welcome.

Modest Mouse - We Are Between

Sean Paul x David Bowie mash up - Temperature Dance

Huge love,