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Candle Magick

Candle Magic – Light up your life


Don’t miss this everyday opportunity to create a mini intention setting ritual.

Perhaps without realising it we have all used the ritual of using a flame to send our most fabulous and wild, uninhibited childhood dreams out there into the universe. 

You’ve been doing this since you were tiny, it’s your birthday, the lights go out, someone brings out a cake, it’s magically twinkling with candles, everyone shouts ‘make a wish’, which you duly do and blow the candles out to big cheers. You might get asked “what did you wish for”, you never tell. It’s the celebratory highlight of our special day.

Now as adults, trusted with our own box of matches, we get to do this every day and not just once a year on our birthdays.

So, each time you light a candle, use it as an opportunity to set an intention for yourself, focus on that thought and give it your energy or use the flame to honour someone you love or who needs your energy. Visualise your wildest grown-up wishes and dreams for your future, put them out there. How do you visualise your very best life with you reaching your fullest potential ?

It’s a brilliant way to create a ‘me-time minute’ to focus and remind yourself to think about YOU and what you want to achieve or where you want to send your love to someone or something. 

Go wild and put your best life and your greatest potential out there, and remember ……


Dream big.